Diamond color grade introduction

As we all know, the diamond 4C CARAT WEIGHT, CLARITY, COLOR and CUT are important factors affecting the quality of diamonds. Today, Xiaobian on the color of this aspect of the diamond for everyone to explain in detail the color of the diamond why the quality of the diamond is so important pandora earrings sale .
The color of the diamond is diamond talent! Diamonds are equivalent to a prism which divides the light into a colorful light and reflects the light to form a colorful flash. As we pass through colored glasses, the color of the diamond will act as a filter, thereby reducing the amount of reflected light Escaped. So the lighter the color of the diamond, the stronger the color of the flash. The higher the color level.
How many colors are diamonds?
Diamond color is divided into two series, the common colorless series, including colorless and transparent, close to colorless and light yellow; there are color series, including deep yellow, gray, pink diamond, black and so on. The color gradation of the diamond is graded by the color of the American Gemological Institute GIA, from “D” (transparent colorless, starting from Diamond’s first letter) to “Z” (yellow). Color change, is extremely rare, the price is also very high diamonds. Color grading system does not apply to color diamond.

GIA established color grading D to Z
Diamond color grade introduction
D grade: completely colorless. Is the highest color of the diamond color, extremely rare pandora jewelry on sale!
E grade: colorless. Only gem identification experts can detect trace colors. Is very rare diamonds
F grade: colorless. A small amount of color is only jewelry experts can detect, but still considered to be colorless. Belong to high quality diamonds.
G-H grade: close to colorless. When compared with the higher color diamonds, there is a slight color. But this color level of diamonds still have a high value.
I-J level: close to colorless. Can detect a slight color. High value.
K-M level: the color is dark, fire color difference, diamond bird network does not provide, also suggested that customers do not buy.
In general, J before (that is, D E F G H I level before) the diamonds are good, not careful comparison of ordinary people will not think they have color, especially a single mosaic. KLM need to pay attention to match the diamond tones, the election is not easy to bring out the main stone color, if you choose rose gold, gold mosaic,pandora beads for sale  to a large extent by color contrast color. M the following will have a clear sense of color. In fact, for the colorless diamond yellow should be understood as dark yellow / partial brown, bright yellow with yellow diamond is not the same concept.
Now we buy diamond ring, many people began to choose custom routes. Choose a satisfied bare diamond, custom a suitable ring, became the young people choose the development trend of the diamond ring.
If you want to buy bare drill, how to start it? We often say that 4C is a hard target! Which the color level, which is compiled today to introduce the content, then if you pick the bare drill time, if the focus on the color level of this indicator, how to choose the right? Do not have no clue, Xiaobian give you a pick pandora in store sale .

Pandora clover earrings romantic meaning

Clover earrings are also one of the favorite little ornaments for girls. Like the Clover Necklace, Clover Bracelet and Clover Rings, have it, and have happiness. Studs are small, but worn on the ears,pandora sale  but can make your ears blooming luster. Clover earrings have such a miracle happen, because it is different.
Clover earrings are also one of the favorite little ornaments for girls. Like the Clover Necklace, Clover Necklace and Clover Ring, have it, it has a happy. Studs are small, but worn on the ears, but can make your ears blooming luster. Clover earrings have such a miracle happen, because it is different.

Legend can be found from the clover grass to the clover, is very lucky. With such a beautiful meaning, Clover Necklace, Clover Earrings, Clover Bracelet turned out. Wearing a clover earrings, is very lucky, very happy, but also very romantic. Can be seen, Charm brand jewelryClover is a very auspicious symbol, but also because of this, Clover jewelry is very popular.
Clover ear studs, not only looks very beautiful, but also contains a good meaning, which girls do not want to have such a earrings ah. Small and pleasant clover can reveal a touch of first love taste, just love the boys may wish to send his girlfriend a thorn ear,pandora rings sale     charming charming girl will be very fond of.
Van Cleef & Arpels Vintage Alhambra earrings ¥ 36,000
Vintage Alhambra earrings, yellow k gold, malachite. Vintage Alhambra series faithfully reproduce the first published in 1968 Alhambra jewelry, unique design, timeless elegance, teach people at first sight.

Vintage Alhambra earrings, white gold, round diamonds; DEF, IF to VVS grade diamonds
Some of the four clover earrings in the middle of the leaves will be embedded in a diamond or green olivine as embellishment, this way, making the earrings more charming and charming. And some also on the four leaves embellished on the relatively small small drill. Can also show the diamond earrings of the smart and lively.


Clover earrings symbolize luck and blessing. Is the first choice for birthday gifts and Valentine’s Day gifts. For their best girlfriend to choose a such earrings, the lucky and blessed to bring her. For their own girlfriend to choose such a earrings, the lucky and blessed to bring you two love pandora rings sale   .
Clover earrings, has been loved by girls, I believe in the future, excellent jewelry designers will create more Clover shape. Let them accompany the girls around and then bring the girls lucky.

What is the meaning of Pandora? Jewelry earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings synonymous

Pandora’s box do not you know?

The cause of the gods Prometheus from heaven to steal fire to humans, humans learned to use the fire, the main god Zeus is very annoyed, Zeus decided to let the disaster also fell to earth pandora gold and silver bracelet.

He ordered his son, Vulcan, to make a woman in clay, named Pandora, meaning “the person who was given all the merits”. Every God has given her to make her perfect.

Zeus to Pandora a sealed box, which filled with scourge, disaster and plague, let her give her to marry her man.

Zeus will be the beauty of the people, the gods and mortals are leisurely wandering on the earth, enjoyable, we met this unparalleled beautiful woman, are very surprised, envy, because humans have never had such a woman.

Pandora immediately went to the “hindsight” ugly, and he was the brother of Prometheus. Prometheus was convinced that Zeus was unwilling to mankind and warned his brother, Euphrates, not to accept Zeus’s gift. But he did not listen to advice, married a beautiful Pandora pandora jewelry gold bracelet.

Pandora’s hand holding her gift is the sealed gift box. When she had just arrived near Uppermo, she opened the lid. Neptune has not yet had time to see what the gift is in the box, a scourge of black smoke from the box quickly fly out, as if the dark clouds filled the sky, black smoke is full of disease, madness, disaster, evil , Jealousy, adultery, theft, greed and other scourge, these scourges quickly scattered to the earth.

And the wisdom of the goddess Athena in order to save the fate of mankind and quietly placed on the bottom of the box the beautiful things “hope” have not had time to fly out of the box, cunning Pandora put the box off. After the “Pandora’s Box” will bring unfortunate gift, the abyss of disaster pandora necklace for charms.

Married gold jewelry shines international

Abstract: Shanghai International Jewelery & Gem Fair is held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall pandora gold necklace. As a beautiful city of Shanghai business card, the old Chinese brand old temple gold, in this exhibition will undoubtedly become the focus of much attention. The old temple of the jewelry inherited the old town of God’s traditional auspicious, good luck, evil spirits, disaster relief, good deeds, Furui, is rich in prayer good luck messenger.
2016 Shanghai International Jewelery Fair was held from October 13 to 16 at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall. October 13, 2016 morning, in the much anticipated, a jewelry industry’s visual carnival feast officially kicked off!

In addition to the well-known brands in the Mainland, from the Hong Kong, Taiwan and from Australia pandora gold beads, South Korea, Thailand, Sri Lanka and other countries of the jewelry brand also participated in the exhibition, the various pearl blizzard, the entire exhibition hall Ambilight, shine, look forward to. As the Shanghai city culture of the beautiful business card, the old Chinese brand old temple gold, in this exhibition will undoubtedly become the focus of much attention, then what the old temple for everyone to prepare how the unique visual feast, we first come to see it ~

Zen Yue series in the meditation is the original nano-micro-carving technology, the creative will be more than 260 words “Heart Sutra” and the South China Sea Guanyin sitting like a micro-carving in the diameter of only 5mm material, without any means of amplification, the naked eye can clearly see All micro-carving content. Can be described as modern high-end technology and traditional Zen perfect combination, one for the Zen pandora gold charm bracelet.
There is a hero called Qi Tian Da Sheng, there is a feeling called Monkey King Sun Wukong. “Holy return to the series” products based on popular domestic animation film “holy return” design, meaning the guardian of love, life unchanged. Believe that we have spent a good childhood Sun Dasheng will attract you to relive a warm and loving childhood memories.
In the traditional Chinese culture, people will always choose to wear some auspicious jewelry in the body, in order to achieve the “evil evil”, convergence “fortune” purpose. Old temple of gold jewelry inherited the old town of God’s traditional auspicious, good luck, evil spirits, disaster relief, good deeds, Furui, is rich in prayer good luck messenger. Hope that in this fall, the old temple can meet you, bring you good luck gold pandora !

How according to hand type, buy wedding ring

The choice of the ring depends on the type of hand

Short hands
[1] the most suitable for wearing some diamond ring has two slashes are extended outside the tactic pandora rings sale , wearing the effect of the fingers have elongated feeling, simple and slender single grain of sharp can be seen in the visual sensation on the fingers of the slender , So that it is a beautiful increase.
Thin hands
[2] round drill of the tang round can help thin and thin fingers to avoid the weak, dry and hard feeling, the effect of gentle and gentle, if the main drill next to some bright inlaid with a small diamond, you can make the fingers are colorful The
Delicate small hands
[3] diamonds should not be too large, the current popular single diamond ring is its best choice, simple and fresh pandora jewelry retailers , elegant and beautiful, small home Jasper style vividly.
Thick hands
[4] rugged wide-shaped hoop and particles larger square diamond seems to be designed for it, extraordinary style, bright and gorgeous.

Wedding ring, buy diamond ring how much the appropriate carat?

Compared to the diamond 4C, the diamond ring size is more intuitive to us
pandora love heart clip, we can easily distinguish between 1 carat diamond ring and 30 minutes diamond ring size difference, of course, your fiancee is also. It is not easy to buy a diamond ring, buy a small, complain a lot, that your sincerity is not enough; buy big, their economic burden is too big, and even spend part of the money to get married. So, buy a diamond ring how much fit the next? BLOVES Xiaobian to tell you the following.

Although people generally believe that true love and money is not related to the size of the diamond ring is no more related. But which woman will refuse a big carat diamond ring temptation for women pandora sister charms silver, diamonds is difficult to resist. But the men must understand the purpose of buying the diamond ring, the following we need to buy according to the needs of the diamond ring to buy the diamond ring to buy the right?
The first person to buy the diamond ring used to marry people to marry, engagement, but the economic conditions in general, the pursuit of balance, the number of carats is not the only important diamond quality should be good enough, though not flawless, but it should look white , There is a beautiful fire color. For those who are mainly used for marriage, it is recommended to be 30 minutes -50 points size, clarity SI above, the color H color above, cut VG diamonds pandora jewelry retailers.
The second person to buy the diamond ring is to win the hearts of lovers, so to buy high-quality diamonds, diamonds can not be small carat. Diamonds not only want to look clean, but also with 10 times magnifying glass looks like this Recommended 50 points or more or more, clarity VS, color H color above, cut VG diamonds.
The third person is mainly to buy anniversary diamond ring, not to invest, nor to collect up in the future to sell in order to make a profit. Recommend more than 50 points or more than 1 carat diamond, clarity VVS, color D, E, F color, cut 3EX diamond.
Buy diamond ring how much carat fit? Buy more diamond ring has its own needs and economic capacity, and there is no one unified answer. Buy the diamond ring is not the most important thing it is the size, but the ultimate people who wear it really like the ring and cherish it the same jewelry pandora.

Natural pearl jewelry how to identify true and false

Pearl jewelry has become a popular trend in the new century, only to understand the real pearl women pandora earrings sale, it seems to have taste and temperament. However, the market there are many fake and shoddy pearls, then, how to identify a pearl necklace true and false and good or bad?

1, intuitive method
With the intuitive method of identification of pearls, the first is to observe the appearance of pearls, natural pearl shape irregular, or into an oval, drop-shaped, completely round pearls little value is also higher, pearl luster soft, pure, flashing natural Unique colorful fluorescent; and imitation of the pearl shape of the rules, the size of uniform, but the color monotonous, veneer, lack of halo color. Second Charm brand jewelry, the same size of the real natural pearls will certainly be more important than the imitation of pearls, so you can take in the hand, weigh the weight for comparison. After the touch of the surface of the pearl, the natural pearl surface is not smooth, but also a little cold feeling, if the hands of the beads feel warm and greasy pandora in store sale , it may be false beads. In addition, you can also use a magnifying glass ten times to observe the surface of pearls, showing the surface of calcium crystals generated by the state, there are irregular texture, artificial beads on the surface is some eggshell-like coating.
2, friction method
Two natural pearls rubbing each other, then there will be more rough feeling, listen to listen to the “唦 唦” sound, imitation of the pearl surface is relatively smooth, two beads friction will appear slippery phenomenon, forced friction, really pearls only Will drop some powder will not hurt the pearl surface, and imitation beads may appear on the surface layer, a layer of coating layer off, and exposed inside the glass products. But this method is to carefully choose, so as not to force excessive, hurt the pearl skin.
3, bounce method
Natural pearls strong jumping, the real pearls from 60 cm high on the glass, the rebound height is about 35 cm, under the same conditions, imitation beads of the rebound is worse charms for pandora bracelet.
4, view the hole
Natural pearls hole is a direct drilling, so the hole was a complete round, no foreign body around; and artificial beads of the hole is not flat, some artificial beads is only in the plastic or glass coated with a layer of pearl liquid, holes There will be a liquid accumulation around the coating.
5, other methods
According to the chemical characteristics of natural pearls, you can use solution soaking method, the pearl into the acetone solution, really pearl luster is not affected, if it is false, it will immediately lose the original luster; pearls after mild After heating, there will be no smell, with the mouth facing the pearl Kazakh gas, the surface was aerosol, there will be no water vapor. In addition, if it is to buy a higher price of pearls, it is recommended that you choose a regular store, carefully identify the store to produce proof of identification, or sent to the relevant identification department to identify bracelet charms pandora.

pandora Pearl jewelry maintenance

1. Anti-acid erosion: In or to make the pearl’s luster and color is not affected, should avoid contact with the acid, alkali and chemicals, such as perfume, soap, stereotypes and other water. Do not wear pearl jewelry to swim or take a bath bracelet for pandora charms.
2. away from the kitchen: pearl surface with tiny pores, it should not be allowed to inhale the air in the dirty matter. Pearl will absorb hair spray, perfume and other substances. Do not wear beautiful pearl cooking, steam and fumes may penetrate the pearl, make it yellow.
3. Not near water: Do not clean the pearl necklace with water. Water can enter the beads of small holes, not only difficult to dry, may also make the inside fermentation, beads may also turn green. After the pearl turns yellow, you can use dilute hydrochloric acid soak, dissolve the yellow shell, so that the pearl to reproduce the crystal brilliant color.

4. Need air: Do not long pearls in the safe, do not use plastic bags sealed. Pearls need fresh air, every few months will come out to wear, let them breathe. Such as long-term in the box pearls easily turn yellow.
5. To avoid exposure: As pearls contain a certain amount of water, should be placed in the shade of pearls, try to avoid direct sunlight in the sun, or placed in too dry place, so as not to pear dehydration pandora bracelet jewelry.
6. anti-hard material scraping: the pearl jewelry should be stored separately, so as not to scratch the other jewelry pearl cortex. If you intend to wear beads on top of the clothes, the texture of the clothes is best to soften some.
7. Regular inspection, 3 years for the line: silk thread for a long time easy to loose, can be 1 to 2 years a regular check the thread is loose, and replace the thread; pearls every 3 years to re-string the best.

Pearl jewelry with the skills

The use of jewelry in the office
Office wear jewelry should pay attention to taste, style choice. Consider the clothing color pandora jewelry sale
, style and other factors, choose simple and generous jewelry is always you will not regret the practice pandora sale . Harmony and norms of professional wear coupled with medium size, simple design of pearl jewelry to give her a noble and elegant and approachable impression.

Social party jewelry when the clever use
Social occasions are an excellent opportunity for you to reveal your taste and personality. You can take this opportunity to let the people around you understand the other side of your personality. Dinner with pearl jewelry can be selected to emphasize the use of elegant style, such as the larger and prominent pearl diamonds inlaid gorgeous jewelry.
To participate in wedding jewelry clever use
Bright pearl, is an indispensable wedding accessories accessories. Wedding dress and pearl jewelry with the skills, first of all to determine the accessories and dress the main vice points, if the bride wear style simple pearl jewelry, you can choose style wedding dress; if the bride choose jewelry style is more luxurious, Wedding dress style is elegant and appropriate pandora jewellery sale.
Fashion pretty dress
Nowadays popular fancy necklace, pearl and crystal, gravel, color line, transparent fishing line made with, for almost all nowadays Liang Zhuang, colorful pearl is also a good choice.
Pearls and cheongsam
The color of the cheongsam should be appropriate with the pearl color, bead necklace and solid cheongsam with color, complex color cheongsam should be accompanied by pearl earrings or rings, side was noble.

2017 Jewelery Designer Fashion Jewelry Art Exhibition


Abstract: 2017 independent jewelry designer fashion jewelry art exhibition is about to start the curtain,pandora beads on sale  the designer exhibition brings together more than 20 domestic outstanding jewelry designers and jewelry artists joint display, they through different materials, technology and differentiated design concept From all angles to broaden the possibilities of jewelry covered, to show the ingenuity and artistic charm of the design works. The exhibition, will become the promotion of jewelry culture, to promote the exchange of design experience!

In today’s highly competitive market environment, independent jewelry designers group to fear the challenges, vibrant, confident spirit of the face up, they insist on original, clever ideas, focus on design, respect for the process, leading a new fashion trend The In the industry to promote innovation-oriented, design first ideas, sale pandora rings driven jewelry industry more lasting and healthy development; at the same time nurturing local jewelry designers, will be outstanding independent designer studio, design brand directly to the market, the treasure of jewelry The Design Committee will continue to organize the “2016 Independent Jewelery Designer Fashion Jewelery Art Exhibition” at 2016 Shanghai International Jewelery & Gem Fair.
This exhibition brings together more than 20 outstanding domestic jewelry designers and jewelry artists on display, they through different materials, technology and differentiated design concept from all angles to broaden the possibilities of jewelry covered, show other Design works with ingenuity and artistic charm. The exhibition, will become the promotion of jewelry culture, to promote the exchange of design experience!

At the same time to strengthen the domestic jewelry designer exchange, the organizers will continue to organize “2017 Chinese and foreign jewelry design teacher forum” activities pandora in store sale  . The theme of this event is: ingenuity – professional jewelry designer of the road, will be invited to the famous Chinese jewelry designer Mr. Shen Chengyang and South Korea’s famous jewelry designer Ms. Li Huayong, and everyone to share their growth experience and jewelry design in the wonderful Creative.