《necklace》1 charm long necklace

She is also a beautiful girl, as if the fate of the error, was born in a small staff of the home. She did not dowry the assets, there is no way for a rich decent person to know her, understand her, love her, marry her; finally had to marry a small secretary of the Ministry of Education pandora sale .
She can not be dressed, had to wear simple, but she felt very bad, as if it reduced her identity like. Because in women, beautiful, charm, charming, is their origin; born smart, beautiful qualifications, gentle temperament, that is their only qualifications.
She felt that she was born for the elegant and luxurious life, so she constantly felt pain. The cold of the house, the walls of the dim, the furniture of the old, the cloth of the crude, so that her distress. These things, in the same status as her woman, may not hang in the heart, but she was so painful, so sad. She looked at the little maid who had made trivialities for her family, and she had a sad feeling and frantic dream. She dreamed of those elegant halls, decorated with oriental curtains, high-caliber bronze lights, and two servants in shorts, lying on large chairs, and dumbled by the heat of the heaters. She dreamed of those spacious living rooms, pandora jewelry sale  where Zhang hanging ancient-style wall, furnished with delicate wood, rare antique. She dreamed of the gorgeous aroma of the small passenger room, where, at five o’clock in the afternoon, she chatted with the closest boyfriend, or with the most women who most admired the most willing to meet the man chat.
Whenever she sat down for dinner on a round table with a three-day tablecloth, her husband opened the lid of the pot, with the magic of surprise. “Good!” There is no better than this! … … “At this time, she dreamed of those fine dinner, sparkling silverware; dream of those hanging on the wall of the wall, embroidered with costume characters, fairyland-like garden , The strange birds; dream of the dishes in the precious dish; dream of eating while eating pink bass or chicken wings, while with a charming smile to listen to the guests secretly talk pandora rings sale .
She did not have beautiful clothes, no jewelry, nothing. However, she only love these, she felt that she was born in the world is for these. She always wanted to get people favor, was envious, with the temptation to be pursued.
She has a rich girlfriend, church girls school students, but she did not want to see her, because the visit back, you will feel very painful. Because of sadness, remorse, disappointment, pain, she often cried all day long days.
However, one evening, her husband came home proudly, holding a big envelope in his hand.
“Look,” he said, “there ‘s something for you here.
She opened the envelope happily and took out an invitations printed with the words:
“Minister George Lambo and his wife, Mr. Lauvoyon ‘s and his wife, attended the auditorium at the Ministry of Education on January 18 (Monday).
She was not as happy as her husband expected, and she chucked the invitation on the table and muttered:
“What do you call me to do with this thing?”
“But, dear, I thought you would love it.You never go out, this is a chance, this, a good opportunity! I took much effort to get the hand. We all want to get, but it is difficult to get, always Rarely sent to the staff, where you can see all the officials pandora beads sale   .
He looked at him with an angry eyes, impatiently said:
“What are you going to let me wear?”
He did not expect this, stammered and said:
“You play on the garden to wear that piece of clothes, I think it is very good, according to me … …” He lived a mouth, panic-stricken, because he saw his wife crying, and two big tears slowly flowing down the mouth to the mouth The. He said to eat:
“How are you? How are you?”
She took a lot of power, only to suppress the grief, dry the wet cheeks, with a calm voice answer:
“There ‘s nothing, but there’ s no decent clothes, I can not attend this party, and your colleagues, who ‘s wives’ dress, are better than me.
He was uncomfortable, then said:
“Okay, Mathilde. Do a suitable dress, you can wear on other occasions, very simple, how much money?”
She thought for a few seconds, summed up a number, taking into account the number can be raised, will not lead to this frugal secretary of the immediate rejection and horror of the call.
Finally, she replied:
“I do not know, but I think there are four hundred francs can be done.”
His face is a little white. He just kept such a sum of money, ready to buy a shotgun, and good in the summer Sunday, with a few friends to the South Dyer plain to play the skylark pandora necklace sale.
But he said:
“Well, I’ll give you four hundred francs, but you’ll have a look at this dress.”
The days of the party are close, but the lady of the road weaver is depressed, restless and sorrowful. Her clothes are doing well. Her husband said one night to her:
“How are you? Look, these three days you are very strange.”
She replied:
“I am worried about a pearl, a gem is not, nothing to wear.I always with poor acid gas, would like to take part in this party.
He said:
In this season, it was very new, and when you spent ten francs, you could buy two or three chic roses.
She still does not follow.
“Do not … … in the middle of the wide wife exposed dew acid phase, and then embarrassed no.
Her husband said loudly:
“How silly you are! Go to your friend, Mrs. Buddha ‘s Day, and give her a few jewels, and you have a lot of money with you.
She made a pleasant surprise.
“I really did not think about it.”
The next day, she went to her friend’s house, talking about her own boredom.
Buddha ‘s wife approached her wardrobe with a mirror, took out a big box, took over and opened, and said to the lady:
“Come on, my dear.“pandora sale rings
She saw a few pairs of bracelets, and saw a hanging pearl necklace, and then saw a Venetian-style jewelry with gold cross, the work is very light. She tried these jewelry in front of the mirror, hesitant, do not know which to pick up, put down which pieces. She kept asking:
“Is there anything else?”
“Do not you know what you mean.”
Suddenly she found a beautiful diamond necklace in a green satin box, and she jumped up with joy. She shook her hands with the chain. She put the necklace around her neck hanging in her long high collar, standing in front of the mirror in front of their own shadow for a long time.
Subsequently, she hesitated and anxiously asked:
“Can you lend me this? I only take this one.”
“of course can.”
She jumped up and hugged her friend’s neck, frantically kissed her, and ran with that piece of jewelry.


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