《necklace》2 charm rose necklace

The day of the party was, and the lady of the road was succeeded. She is more than all the female guests are beautiful, elegant, charming, her smile, elated. All the men are watching her, inquire about her name, ask for the introduction; Department of the Department of the staff want to give her dance, the minister also pay attention to her sale on pandora rings.
Her dancing excitement, indulging in joy, nothing to think about it. She revels in his own beauty is better than all the female guests, revel in the glory of success, intoxicated in the praise and envy of her people formed by the happiness of the clouds, intoxicated in the women who believe that the most beautiful, the most sweet victory The
She was leaving at four o’clock in the morning. Her husband from the middle of the night with the three men in a small guest room fell asleep. At that time, the three men’s wife is also happy to dance.
Her husband brought the piece from home to prepare for him to wear time to wear clothes, draped over the shoulder. This is a simple homemade clothes, the clothes of the cold taste of the dress with the luxury of the style is not commensurate. She felt this, in order to avoid those who wear precious leather clothes to see, to quickly escape pandora bracelet charms.
Luwa planted her to pull, said:
“Wait a minute, you go to the outside to be cold.” I’ll call a carriage.
But she did not listen, hurried down the steps. To the street, a car did not see, they find everywhere, far to see the coachman shouted.
They were in the disappointment along the Seine, trembling, and finally found a broken car on the river bank. This car, Paris only visible at night; during the day, they seem ashamed, do not come out.
The handlebars they have been pulled to the door of the Martin Street apartment, they melancholy into the door. In her, a big thing is over. Her husband, he was thinking about ten o’clock.
She took off her clothes on her shoulders, standing in front of the mirror, in order to take advantage of this glorious dress still on the body, look at yourself. But she suddenly shouted. Neck diamond necklace no.
Her husband has been off half of the clothes, and asked:
“whats the matter?”pandora charm bracelet 
She frightened, turned and wanted him to say:
“I … I … I lost the lady ‘s necklace.
He panicked straight up and said,
“What! … how! … where there will be such a thing!”
They are in the dress skirt, coat pleats looking for, looking in all the pockets, actually did not find.
He asked: Do you really believe that when you leave the ball it is still there? ”
“Yes, I have touched it in the corridor of the Ministry of Education.”
“But if it is lost in the street, we always hear the sound, and it must have been lost in the car.”
“Yes, it ‘s possible. Do you remember the car’ s number?
“Do not you remember, do you pay attention?”
They looked at each other in horror. At the end, Luwa planted again.
“I go,” he said, “walk the way we walk again and see if she will find it.”
He went out. She was wearing the piece of clothes to participate in the dance, even the strength to go to bed without sleep, but fell in a chair in a daze, a little spirit can not mention, do not want anything pandora bracelets and charms。
Seven o’clock, her husband came back. Nothing to find.
Later, he went to the police station, to the newspaper to the reward offer, but also to all the car dealers to find. In short, where there is a glimmer of hope, he has been to.
He faced the unfortunate scourge, waiting for all day, all day in the panic of the state.
In the evening, the lava grows with a thin, pale face back, nothing.
“You should write to your friend,” he said, “that you have broken the necklace and are being repaired, so that we have time to turn around.”
She wrote a letter as he said.
After a week and weeks, all their hopes were cut off bracelet charms pandora.


Please see “necklace” 3

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