《necklace》3 necklace , the most attractive jewelry

Luwa planted, as if the old five years, he decided to say:
“You should find a way to compensate for this jewelry.”charm bracelets pandora
The next day, they took the Sheng necklace box, according to the box on the signboard to find that jewelry store. The boss looked at many books and said:
“My wife, this hanging necklace is not what we sell; I only sell this box.”
So they from this jewelry store to the jewelry store, with the memory to find the same necklace hanging. Two people are sad, almost fell ill.
In a shop in the palace, they saw a hungry diamond necklace, is the same as they find that hanging, the price of forty thousand francs. The boss let the price, as long as thirty-six thousand. pandora jewelry
They pleaded with the boss, do not sell it within three days. They have set a contract, if the original that hanging before the end of February to find, then the boss can take thirty thousand four thousand to recover the hanging.
Luwa planted his father left him with eighteen thousand francs. The rest, he has to borrow pandora charms and bracelets
He started to borrow money. To borrow five hundred francs from there, borrow five Louis from there, and from there by three. He signed a lot of bonds and booked a contract that made him bankrupt. He deals with many usurers and money lenders of various nationalities. He refused to take the second half of life, adventure everywhere signed, but do not know can not keep the credit. The distress of the future, the brutal poverty, the pain of the flesh, the torture of the spirit, and under all the threats, he put thirty thirty thousand francs on the counter of the store and took the new necklace.
When the ladies of Luwa were brought back, the Lady of the Buddha came to her with an expression of dissatisfaction:
“You should have me early, maybe I’ll use it for a long time.”
The Lady did not open the box. Her friend is worried that she opens the box. What would she think if he found something to be a substitute? What would it say? She will not own a friend as a thief?
Luwa planted the poor to understand the hard life of the poor. She suddenly showed a heroic spirit, resolutely made up his mind. He is going to pay back this terrible debt. She managed to repay. She dismissed the maid, relocated the residence, rented a small attic to stay pandora charms for bracelets.
She knows all the hard work at home and the nasty chores in the kitchen. She scrubbed the cups and dishes and grinds her pink fingers on the oat pots and on the bottom of the pot. She washed her clothes with soap, washed her cloth, and was on the rope. Every morning, she put the rubbish from the upstairs to the street, then the water from the downstairs mentioned upstairs, took a floor, stood to breathe. She dressed like a poor woman, arms across the basket, to the fruit shop, grocery store, meat shop, price, ridicule, a copper and a copper to save her hard money.
Month have to have a number of old debt, by some new debt, so to delay the settlement of the time.
Her husband to the evening to give a businessman transcribe the accounts, often late at night is still copying five bronze one manuscript.
This life continues for ten years.
At the end of the tenth year, the debt was paid off, and even the high amount of interest and the amount of money on the Galilee were paid off.
Mrs. Luwa is now old. She became a stout and hardworking woman. She rolled up her hair, skewed the skirt, revealing a pair of red hands, talking loudly, scrub the floor with a vat of water. But sometimes, her husband went to work, she was sitting alone in the window, will think of that year to dance, that night, how beautiful she was, how people dumped ah charms for a pandora bracelet!
If that time did not lose that hanging necklace, she is now what kind of situation? Who knows? Who knows? How strange life, how fickle ah, a very small thing you can corrupt you, you can fulfill you!
There was a Sunday, she went to the blissway park, walking a week of fatigue. At this time, she suddenly saw a woman led a child in a walk. Turned out to be Lady Buddha’s Day, she is still young, still beautiful and moving.
Luwa planted lady infinite emotion. Will she go up and talk to the Lady of the Buddha? Of course, must go. And now she is paying off the debt, she can tell her. Why not?
She went up.
“Hello, Jenny.”
That one did not know her at all. A civilians called her so intimate, she was very surprised. She knocked and said:
“But … my wife … I do not know … you must be wrong.”
“It’s not wrong.” I’m Martier Ruth.
Her friend called out:
“Ah! … my poor Mathilde, how did you become that! …”
“Yes, for years do not meet friends, these years I have endured a lot of pain … … and because you … …”
“Because i? … how is this?”
“You must remember the hanging necklace you lent me, and I wore it to the party of the Ministry of Education pandora bracelet & charms.
“What about it?”
“How about? I lost it.”
“You have given me back.”
“I’ll give you another hang and hang it exactly the same.” You see, we spent ten years trying to pay for it. You know, for us

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