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Necklace is one of the body’s decorations,pandora sale  is t he earliest appearance of jewelry. Necklaces in addition to decorative functions, some necklaces also have a special display, such as the Catholic cross chain and Buddhist beads.

Since ancient times, people in order to beautify the body itself, but also beautify the environment, creating a variety of different styles, different characteristics, different styles of necklaces, to meet the different color, different nationalities, different aesthetic aesthetic needs. Here, from the material and style to introduce the two aspects of necklace style. In terms of materials, jewelry necklaces on the market are gold, silver, jewelry and so on several pandora jewelry sale.

Among them, the gold necklace fineness of red gold, 18K, 14K three; silver fineness of 92.5% silver and silver-plated two; for the necklace jewelry diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, emerald, natural pearls And other high-grade materials, but also agate, coral jade, ivory, cultured pearls, etc., low-grade materials. Jewelry necklace than gold and silver necklace decorative effect is more intense, more colorful changes, especially young people love.

The world is also popular fashion necklace, mostly made of very common material. Such as gold necklace, plastic, leather, glass, silk, wood, low melting alloy made of necklaces, mainly in order to match the fashion, emphasizing the new, odd, beautiful and popular.

Folding Edit this paragraph the main varieties

Folding unleashed chain pandora bracelets and charms 

Unique chain is a purely precious metal material produced by the necklace, which is characterized by the entire chain is generally only by a pattern of repeated connections made.

Main styles: whip chain, a single set of chain, double sets of chain, S-shaped chain, string rope chain, denim chain, side silk chain, and so on.

Folding fancy chain

Jewelry necklace
Fancy chain is made up of two or more different styles of chain or flower pieces made of necklace, are generally inlaid with precious stones.

Main styles: diamond chain, Bao Bao chain, egg-shaped lace chain, longevity chain, round pipe chain, inlaid beads, sub-maternal chain, and so on.

Folding pendant pandora charms and bracelets

As part of the necklace, gold and silver, jewelry plus gemstones, ivory, jade, jade and other materials produced with different materials, such as the heart of the heart, the heart and the abstract geometric graphics pendant.

The main style: the heart of the heart piece, the heart of the heart, the abstract geometric pendant and so on
pandora charm bracelet charms.

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