Natural pearl jewelry how to identify true and false

Pearl jewelry has become a popular trend in the new century, only to understand the real pearl women pandora earrings sale, it seems to have taste and temperament. However, the market there are many fake and shoddy pearls, then, how to identify a pearl necklace true and false and good or bad?

1, intuitive method
With the intuitive method of identification of pearls, the first is to observe the appearance of pearls, natural pearl shape irregular, or into an oval, drop-shaped, completely round pearls little value is also higher, pearl luster soft, pure, flashing natural Unique colorful fluorescent; and imitation of the pearl shape of the rules, the size of uniform, but the color monotonous, veneer, lack of halo color. Second Charm brand jewelry, the same size of the real natural pearls will certainly be more important than the imitation of pearls, so you can take in the hand, weigh the weight for comparison. After the touch of the surface of the pearl, the natural pearl surface is not smooth, but also a little cold feeling, if the hands of the beads feel warm and greasy pandora in store sale , it may be false beads. In addition, you can also use a magnifying glass ten times to observe the surface of pearls, showing the surface of calcium crystals generated by the state, there are irregular texture, artificial beads on the surface is some eggshell-like coating.
2, friction method
Two natural pearls rubbing each other, then there will be more rough feeling, listen to listen to the “唦 唦” sound, imitation of the pearl surface is relatively smooth, two beads friction will appear slippery phenomenon, forced friction, really pearls only Will drop some powder will not hurt the pearl surface, and imitation beads may appear on the surface layer, a layer of coating layer off, and exposed inside the glass products. But this method is to carefully choose, so as not to force excessive, hurt the pearl skin.
3, bounce method
Natural pearls strong jumping, the real pearls from 60 cm high on the glass, the rebound height is about 35 cm, under the same conditions, imitation beads of the rebound is worse charms for pandora bracelet.
4, view the hole
Natural pearls hole is a direct drilling, so the hole was a complete round, no foreign body around; and artificial beads of the hole is not flat, some artificial beads is only in the plastic or glass coated with a layer of pearl liquid, holes There will be a liquid accumulation around the coating.
5, other methods
According to the chemical characteristics of natural pearls, you can use solution soaking method, the pearl into the acetone solution, really pearl luster is not affected, if it is false, it will immediately lose the original luster; pearls after mild After heating, there will be no smell, with the mouth facing the pearl Kazakh gas, the surface was aerosol, there will be no water vapor. In addition, if it is to buy a higher price of pearls, it is recommended that you choose a regular store, carefully identify the store to produce proof of identification, or sent to the relevant identification department to identify bracelet charms pandora.

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