How much the new pandora charms 2017?

Compared to the diamond 4C, the diamond ring size is more intuitive to us
pandora love heart clip, we can easily distinguish between 1 carat diamond ring and 30 minutes diamond ring size difference, of course, your fiancee is also. It is not easy to buy a diamond ring, buy a small, complain a lot, that your sincerity is not enough; buy big, their economic burden is too big, and even spend part of the money to get married. So, buy a diamond ring how much fit the next? BLOVES Xiaobian to tell you the following.

Although people generally believe that true love and money is not related to the size of the diamond ring is no more related. But which woman will refuse a big carat diamond ring temptation for women pandora sister charms silver, diamonds is difficult to resist. But the men must understand the purpose of buying the diamond ring, the following we need to buy according to the needs of the diamond ring to buy the diamond ring to buy the right?
The first person to buy the diamond ring used to marry people to marry, engagement, but the economic conditions in general, the pursuit of balance, the number of carats is not the only important diamond quality should be good enough, though not flawless, but it should look white , There is a beautiful fire color. For those who are mainly used for marriage, it is recommended to be 30 minutes -50 points size, clarity SI above, the color H color above, cut VG diamonds pandora jewelry retailers.
The second person to buy the diamond ring is to win the hearts of lovers, so to buy high-quality diamonds, diamonds can not be small carat. Diamonds not only want to look clean, but also with 10 times magnifying glass looks like this Recommended 50 points or more or more, clarity VS, color H color above, cut VG diamonds.
The third person is mainly to buy anniversary diamond ring, not to invest, nor to collect up in the future to sell in order to make a profit. Recommend more than 50 points or more than 1 carat diamond, clarity VVS, color D, E, F color, cut 3EX diamond.
Buy diamond ring how much carat fit? Buy more diamond ring has its own needs and economic capacity, and there is no one unified answer. Buy the diamond ring is not the most important thing it is the size, but the ultimate people who wear it really like the ring and cherish it the same jewelry pandora.

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