How according to hand type, buy wedding ring

The choice of the ring depends on the type of hand

Short hands
[1] the most suitable for wearing some diamond ring has two slashes are extended outside the tactic pandora rings sale , wearing the effect of the fingers have elongated feeling, simple and slender single grain of sharp can be seen in the visual sensation on the fingers of the slender , So that it is a beautiful increase.
Thin hands
[2] round drill of the tang round can help thin and thin fingers to avoid the weak, dry and hard feeling, the effect of gentle and gentle, if the main drill next to some bright inlaid with a small diamond, you can make the fingers are colorful The
Delicate small hands
[3] diamonds should not be too large, the current popular single diamond ring is its best choice, simple and fresh pandora jewelry retailers , elegant and beautiful, small home Jasper style vividly.
Thick hands
[4] rugged wide-shaped hoop and particles larger square diamond seems to be designed for it, extraordinary style, bright and gorgeous.

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