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As we all know, the diamond 4C CARAT WEIGHT, CLARITY, COLOR and CUT are important factors affecting the quality of diamonds. Today, Xiaobian on the color of this aspect of the diamond for everyone to explain in detail the color of the diamond why the quality of the diamond is so important pandora earrings sale .
The color of the diamond is diamond talent! Diamonds are equivalent to a prism which divides the light into a colorful light and reflects the light to form a colorful flash. As we pass through colored glasses, the color of the diamond will act as a filter, thereby reducing the amount of reflected light Escaped. So the lighter the color of the diamond, the stronger the color of the flash. The higher the color level.
How many colors are diamonds?
Diamond color is divided into two series, the common colorless series, including colorless and transparent, close to colorless and light yellow; there are color series, including deep yellow, gray, pink diamond, black and so on. The color gradation of the diamond is graded by the color of the American Gemological Institute GIA, from “D” (transparent colorless, starting from Diamond’s first letter) to “Z” (yellow). Color change, is extremely rare, the price is also very high diamonds. Color grading system does not apply to color diamond.

GIA established color grading D to Z
Diamond color grade introduction
D grade: completely colorless. Is the highest color of the diamond color, extremely rare pandora jewelry on sale!
E grade: colorless. Only gem identification experts can detect trace colors. Is very rare diamonds
F grade: colorless. A small amount of color is only jewelry experts can detect, but still considered to be colorless. Belong to high quality diamonds.
G-H grade: close to colorless. When compared with the higher color diamonds, there is a slight color. But this color level of diamonds still have a high value.
I-J level: close to colorless. Can detect a slight color. High value.
K-M level: the color is dark, fire color difference, diamond bird network does not provide, also suggested that customers do not buy.
In general, J before (that is, D E F G H I level before) the diamonds are good, not careful comparison of ordinary people will not think they have color, especially a single mosaic. KLM need to pay attention to match the diamond tones, the election is not easy to bring out the main stone color, if you choose rose gold, gold mosaic,pandora beads for sale  to a large extent by color contrast color. M the following will have a clear sense of color. In fact, for the colorless diamond yellow should be understood as dark yellow / partial brown, bright yellow with yellow diamond is not the same concept.
Now we buy diamond ring, many people began to choose custom routes. Choose a satisfied bare diamond, custom a suitable ring, became the young people choose the development trend of the diamond ring.
If you want to buy bare drill, how to start it? We often say that 4C is a hard target! Which the color level, which is compiled today to introduce the content, then if you pick the bare drill time, if the focus on the color level of this indicator, how to choose the right? Do not have no clue, Xiaobian give you a pick pandora in store sale .

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