pandora charm bracelet and gold,925 silver,leather

Kunming Department Store (Group) Jewelry Management Co., Ltd., established in 1993, Yunnan famous brand, set retail, processing, wholesale as one of the large jewelry enterprises pandora earrings sale

Kunming Department Store (Group) Jewelry Co., Ltd. since August 6, 1993 since the establishment of the “high-quality, low-cost, stresses credibility, heavy service” business purposes, through unremitting efforts in the Yunnan jewelry kingdom fertile Soil, has developed into a set of retail, processing, wholesale as one of the large jewelry enterprises,pandora charm bracelet charms  outlets throughout the country large and medium cities and provinces in the county, the furthest branch has been stationed in North America. Scattered in a number of branches around, such as one of the dazzling diamonds, constitute a broad package of 100 customers for the customer’s sales system and image endorsement. Honor and witness the quality, long-term achievements in excellence, Kun 100 jewelry along the way won the “Yunnan famous brand” leather pandora bracelet with charms , “Chinese jewelry jade jewelry industry assured demonstration shop”, “Chinese jewelry industry well-known brand” and many other awards is the company strength and The best proof of quality.
Service has always been the focus of attention. Shop in any store in Queensland, consumers can enjoy the quality of service. Kun 100 jewelry has a sound and standardized customer service system, to provide consumers with worry-free pre-sale, sale, after-sales service. Consumers to buy any goods, as long as the service manual, jewelry pandora bracelet product quality assurance can enjoy the exclusive service, and a series of value-added services, will bring more intimate, better shopping experience. Consumers in the Kun 100 jewelry any store to buy goods, if the fracture, deformation, etc., 100 jewelry can help you repair, jewelry often need to be purchased after the purchase, for cleaning and some more professional issues, Big jewelry will be for you all the work, pandora charms on sale and Kun 100 jewelry to buy yellow platinum jewelry can be trade-in.

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