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Jewelry used for necklaces are diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, emerald, pandora beads sale natural pearls and other advanced materials, but also agate, coral jade, ivory, cultured pearls, etc., low-grade materials. Jewelry necklace than gold and silver necklace decorative effect is more intense, more colorful changes, especially young and middle-aged favorite.

The world is also popular fashion necklace,pandora bracelets and charms  mostly made of very common material. Such as gold necklace, plastic, leather, glass, silk, wood, low melting alloy made of necklace, mainly in order to match the fashion, emphasizing the new, odd, beautiful and popular. As part of the necklace, gold and silver,charms compatible with pandora bracelet  jewelry plus gemstones, ivory, jade, jade and other materials produced with different materials, such as the heart of the heart, the heart and the abstract geometric graphics pendant.
Wearing necklace in style, color and clothing matching, we should note the following:

1, pay attention to style on the road, the size of accurate.

Necklace size depending on the human, neck thick, the size to be larger, and vice versa is smaller. Collar height,pandora gold bracelet  necklace size not too long, or pendant should not be exposed to wear a word sweater, can only wear a necklace, unworthy pendant;
Pure natural amethyst necklace clavicle
Pure natural amethyst necklace clavicle
Wearing three lapel and high-necked sweaters, sweaters, necklaces to wear on the outside of the clothes, pendant no water chest burr, so as not to friction with each other pandora gold bracelets and charms.
The color of the necklace should be in contrast to the color of the garment in contrast to the color of the garment. Such as: monochrome or plain clothing, wearing a brightly colored necklace, jewelry can be more eye-catching, decorated in the jewelry, the clothing color is also rich. Colorful clothing, wearing simple and simple necklace,pandora bead bracelet  will not be submerged by the colorful clothing, and can make a sense of balance of clothing color.
High collar in terms of daily wear, necklace wear in the high round neck above is too exaggerated too. But more fit the neck of the thin collar, you can add a round necklace in the collar, so that lines with a unified.

If you wear a necklace too short, the original opening of the small clothes will make people feel more crowded;pandora charms online  necklace is too long, will be covered by clothes. So let the length of the necklace to the collar of the middle of the opening is appropriate.

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