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Choose from different designs that will match your personality and taste. From completely smooth necklaces to chains, beads, and more, there are many styles to choose from. Finish off the look with a pendant or charm to reflect your personality for a style that is unique. From hearts to feathers to natural designs like flowers, leaves, and butterflies, there is an elegant design for anybody. Combine any pendant with the necklace of your choice and get the exact design you want, mixing and matching is easier than ever with PANDORA necklaces and pendant charms! A necklace is the perfect gift for any occasion and is as timeless as it is ageless. Show your love for a special someone in your life, from a sibling or parent to a significant other with our collection of jewelry from PANDORA!

I like to wear ear nails, but I went to a lot of places to buy earrings are not sterling silver, pandora charms for necklaces but also very expensive to see those who have a very good boutique shop, which earrings and expensive, the clerk also said that sure is pure silver Earrings, the results, I bought back, a wear, not long ears began to inflammation, allergy. Necklace is the same. In addition to wearing sterling silver, the other can not wear.
Originally, do not know that store, because to buy a couple on the ring, only to look at it, that shop business is very good, very crowded, see selling nails, ask the boss is not a silver, the boss to play Paul said: “Surely silver, I can open a proof of sterling to you, if you go to the test is not, but come here to refund.” I smiled, did not seriously, earrings the price is not expensive, bought A pair of 10 yuan, and now still wearing, feeling like no earrings, that is not allergies. So, later to buy things to go there to buy, but also introduced my friends in the past to buy, but unfortunately,  beads for pandora bracelets  now graduated, has rarely visited the street, friends are occasionally to go.

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As we all know, the diamond 4C CARAT WEIGHT, CLARITY, COLOR and CUT are important factors affecting the quality of diamonds. Today, Xiaobian on the color of this aspect of the diamond for everyone to explain in detail the color of the diamond why the quality of the diamond is so important pandora earrings sale .
The color of the diamond is diamond talent! Diamonds are equivalent to a prism which divides the light into a colorful light and reflects the light to form a colorful flash. As we pass through colored glasses, the color of the diamond will act as a filter, thereby reducing the amount of reflected light Escaped. So the lighter the color of the diamond, the stronger the color of the flash. The higher the color level.
How many colors are diamonds?
Diamond color is divided into two series, the common colorless series, including colorless and transparent, close to colorless and light yellow; there are color series, including deep yellow, gray, pink diamond, black and so on. The color gradation of the diamond is graded by the color of the American Gemological Institute GIA, from “D” (transparent colorless, starting from Diamond’s first letter) to “Z” (yellow). Color change, is extremely rare, the price is also very high diamonds. Color grading system does not apply to color diamond.

GIA established color grading D to Z
Diamond color grade introduction
D grade: completely colorless. Is the highest color of the diamond color, extremely rare pandora jewelry on sale!
E grade: colorless. Only gem identification experts can detect trace colors. Is very rare diamonds
F grade: colorless. A small amount of color is only jewelry experts can detect, but still considered to be colorless. Belong to high quality diamonds.
G-H grade: close to colorless. When compared with the higher color diamonds, there is a slight color. But this color level of diamonds still have a high value.
I-J level: close to colorless. Can detect a slight color. High value.
K-M level: the color is dark, fire color difference, diamond bird network does not provide, also suggested that customers do not buy.
In general, J before (that is, D E F G H I level before) the diamonds are good, not careful comparison of ordinary people will not think they have color, especially a single mosaic. KLM need to pay attention to match the diamond tones, the election is not easy to bring out the main stone color, if you choose rose gold, gold mosaic,pandora beads for sale  to a large extent by color contrast color. M the following will have a clear sense of color. In fact, for the colorless diamond yellow should be understood as dark yellow / partial brown, bright yellow with yellow diamond is not the same concept.
Now we buy diamond ring, many people began to choose custom routes. Choose a satisfied bare diamond, custom a suitable ring, became the young people choose the development trend of the diamond ring.
If you want to buy bare drill, how to start it? We often say that 4C is a hard target! Which the color level, which is compiled today to introduce the content, then if you pick the bare drill time, if the focus on the color level of this indicator, how to choose the right? Do not have no clue, Xiaobian give you a pick pandora in store sale .

pandora Pearl jewelry maintenance

1. Anti-acid erosion: In or to make the pearl’s luster and color is not affected, should avoid contact with the acid, alkali and chemicals, such as perfume, soap, stereotypes and other water. Do not wear pearl jewelry to swim or take a bath bracelet for pandora charms.
2. away from the kitchen: pearl surface with tiny pores, it should not be allowed to inhale the air in the dirty matter. Pearl will absorb hair spray, perfume and other substances. Do not wear beautiful pearl cooking, steam and fumes may penetrate the pearl, make it yellow.
3. Not near water: Do not clean the pearl necklace with water. Water can enter the beads of small holes, not only difficult to dry, may also make the inside fermentation, beads may also turn green. After the pearl turns yellow, you can use dilute hydrochloric acid soak, dissolve the yellow shell, so that the pearl to reproduce the crystal brilliant color.

4. Need air: Do not long pearls in the safe, do not use plastic bags sealed. Pearls need fresh air, every few months will come out to wear, let them breathe. Such as long-term in the box pearls easily turn yellow.
5. To avoid exposure: As pearls contain a certain amount of water, should be placed in the shade of pearls, try to avoid direct sunlight in the sun, or placed in too dry place, so as not to pear dehydration pandora bracelet jewelry.
6. anti-hard material scraping: the pearl jewelry should be stored separately, so as not to scratch the other jewelry pearl cortex. If you intend to wear beads on top of the clothes, the texture of the clothes is best to soften some.
7. Regular inspection, 3 years for the line: silk thread for a long time easy to loose, can be 1 to 2 years a regular check the thread is loose, and replace the thread; pearls every 3 years to re-string the best.

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In fact,charms compatible with pandora bracelet  some of the so-called Hetian jasper are Russian jasper, because the Russian jasper production, and the color of tender by the collector’s favorite. But the Russian jasper limestone content is high, long wear will become dark and dark. But the main component of Hetian jiushu is tremolite, long-term wear will become increasingly moist, green, but in the market of Hetian jiu almost extinct, to achieve the gem-level jasper is rare, high prices amazing. And even in the Russian jasper even as identification, identification results are Hetian Jiyu, it is difficult to distinguish ordinary consumption  pandora bracelet with 4 charms 

, So there is no full grasp I suggest you better or do not buy, but if it is determined and Hetian Jiyu, and the color Jiaojia moving, black spots is absolutely less collection of Jiapin.

Quality jade necklace products its price is very alarming, an average diameter of 15.6 mm 27 jade beads chain, in November 6, 1997 at the Hong Kong Christie’s autumn auction held to 72.22 million Hong Kong dollars Turnover, the creation of jade jewelry and jade beads auction world record.

It is said that this necklace is the love of the Empress Dowager Cixi jewelry pandora

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Crystal necklace as an ornament to crystal transparent,gold pandora bracelet  fantastic, shiny material and effect to conquer the hearts of countless women.

Crystal Necklace Category:

It is generally divided into amethyst necklace, yellow crystal necklace, white crystal necklace, topa necklace, olivine necklace, green crystal necklace, smoke crystal necklace, pink crystal necklace, black crystal necklace, natural crystal necklace.

Crystal Necklace Price gold pandora bracelet :

From tens of dollars to several hundred dollars or even more expensive, depending on the material permeability of the net Che degree, cutting technology may be, natural crystal collection value is higher.

Natural crystal necklace maintenance method

After wearing the crystal necklace with a clean soft cloth to wipe the jewelry, to maintain its unique luster! If printed on the fingerprint or dirty crystal, you can use soft and soft hair without fabric for the crystal dust, dust to the intensity , Is free of dust on the surface scratching the crystal.

Do not clean the crystal necklace with water to avoid an indelible watermark. Avoid long-term exposure to the crystal necklace in moist air or strong sunlight to prevent the crystal becomes dumb and fade pandora silver necklace for charms.

Please avoid crystal necklace contact with chemical composition of the cleaning agent and other items, in the bath, wash your face, wash your hands, wash dishes, swimming, etc. do not wear crystal jewelry.

Remember to wear perfume and hairdressing products and then wear crystal necklace, water vapor and chemicals will be attached to the crystal surface, so that crystal becomes dull pandora bracelets with charms already on.

Crystal brittle, crystal necklace please do not take the weight, away from high temperature. When you do not wear crystal jewelry for a long time, keep it in a separate box or soft cloth bag, do not put the jewelry overlap to avoid collision with each other rubbing the crystal surface.

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Platinum necklace wear a long time stained with dust, there are two ways to clean, as follows Platinum jewelry:

The first method:

From the photographic equipment store to buy a pack of powder, go home with a clean glassware against a kilogram of water, stir evenly, soak the jewelry into, in about 5-10 minutes out, rinse with water, then wipe with a dry cloth Can be bright.

The second approach

Take 2 grams of fine salt, 7 grams of baking soda powder, 8 grams of bleaching powder, water 60 ml, stir even after the jewelry into the soak for about two hours to remove, the same re-use of water rinse, dry cloth with a lot of bright.

Fold special attention

Golden necklace fracture of the main reasons there are three:

The reason for the gold jewelry itself. Gold is a soft precious metal, the higher the purity the more soft, the more easily deformed. Jewelry style more fashionable and novel, some special style due to the force structure of the reasons, likely to cause a few points on the necklace long-term deformation of the fracture pandora jewelry rings.

External factors. Jewelry maintenance is a very important thing, the correct approach is to do the clothes, bath and so easy to hang the necklace before the things, first remove the necklace.

Process factors. Some low-end brand jewelry manufacturing process, but off, if the solder joint process is poor, then Weld and other issues, but also easily lead to necklace fracture pandora gold and silver charms.

Maintenance of spandora diamond heart charm

Some of the first jewelry chain because of different gems have different character pandora gold charm bracelet, so there are some special requirements in the maintenance and precautions, are presented as follows:

(1) Jade Necklace. Although the emerald quality and toughness, with a certain impact resistance. However, after processing the emerald products, are often thin, by the impact will be damaged.

(2) Emerald Necklace. Emerald hardness is slightly larger than the emerald, but more brittle than the emerald, so more than the emerald can not afford to hit and beat. In addition, the emerald afraid of high temperature, the fire will make the color fade, easy to burst at high temperatures.

(3) Opal necklace. Opal’s hardness is low and should avoid friction with other items. Opal contains water,
crystal necklace

Should be avoided by high temperature, or because of loss of moisture after evaporation, ranging from loss of transparency, while the burst occurred. In addition, opal is not acid gold pandora necklace, so wear oyster jewelry should avoid high temperature and acidic substances. Collection Opal jewelry, it should also be noted that the environment can not be too dry, otherwise it will cause dehydration and cracks, or even rupture. In order to prevent dehydration, in the dry season, at a certain time should be opal jewelry in the water soak once.

(4) Amethyst necklace. Amethyst color is unstable, in case of high temperature or prolonged exposure will cause fading. Wear or collection process, should avoid high temperature or exposure. Natural amethyst has “love guardian stone,” said the noble and elegant, loved pandora jewelry rings.

(5) malachite and turquoise necklace. The hardness of these two gems are more water, very easy to wear. The chemical nature of the two is unstable, the case of acid will be dissolved by corrosion. Turquoise is easy to change at high temperatures, even longer exposure and sweat soaking, turquoise will change color. These are in the wear and collection process must pay attention.

(6) pearls and coral necklaces. Pearls and coral hardness is very low, easily due to friction leaving the surface luster. Both components are calcium carbonate, the case of acid will be subject to corrosion dissolved. Summer sweating, sweat will make the pearls, coral surface damage and loss of the original luster. Cosmetics in the powder, perfume and hair cream, etc., will make pearls gradually pale. So, summer is best not to wear such jewelry. If you are sweat stained, you can rinse in the water, and then gently wipe the soft fabric can be. Pearl jewelry in the collection before, be sure to rinse with water, storage must also avoid the cosmetics pandora jewellery rings.

(7) Blue stone necklace. After the first chain of turquoise tainted, must not soak and rinse with water. Because lapis lazuli is a granular collection of minerals, if the water is soaked and rinsed, the dirt on the surface of the gem will penetrate the interior, so that it will change the original luster of lapis lazuli. After the green stone jewelry tarnished, you can gently wipe with a damp cloth, wipe the dirt pandora jewelry charms sale.

silver charms wholesale maintenance

1, the first gold jewelry alone stored in the jewelry box or suede,pandora bracelet charms  but also to develop the habit of wearing and then do not casually throw together with other jewelry to prevent scratches between each other.

2, the precious jewelry placed in a safe place, buy enough insurance. If you do not understand your jewelry value, please bring your local jeweler to the valuation.

3, regular gold jewelry for cleaning. This ensures that the jewelry exhibits the best luster and is more durable. Clean gold jewelry and other precious jewelry the same way; use the market to sell jewelry cleaning agent, or it soaked in soap and water in the solution, and then gently wipe with a soft cloth.
Shell necklace        gold pandora charms sale 
4, for the precious stones inlaid gold jewelry, need to clean every six months. By the qualified jeweler to adjust the jewelry, the size of correction, grinding and cleaning. In order to be professional maintenance of your gold, first ensure that the jeweler has a trained gold fitter.

5, if there are visible scratches, please gold jewelry to the qualified jeweler there to polish, all precious metals may be left scratches, gold is no exception. But the gold surface will appear natural oxide layer, so many people may prefer just polished surface. If this happens, bring your platinum jewelry to a qualified jeweler and let them re-polish it for an extremely bright effect pandora charm bracelets on sale .

6, do not wear gold jewelry when doing housework, gardening and other types of heavy or physical activity. Because women wear gold jewelry to do housework when easy to contact bleach or irritating chemicals. Although they do not cause damage to gold, chemicals may cause discoloration of diamonds or gemstones.

7, summer is best not to wear or reduce the time to wear gold jewelry, because often sticky or soaked in sweat will make blond hair, and some women because of this cause cause itching or allergic skin symptoms gold pandora charms.

Silver jewelry maintenance pandora jewelry sale 2017


1, silver jewelry is the best way to maintain every day to wear, because the body can produce natural moisturizing luster pandora charm bracelet .

2, do not wear silver jewelry when wearing other precious metal jewelry, so as to avoid collision deformation or abrasions.

3, keep the silver dry, do not wear swimming, do not close to the hot springs and sea water. When not in use can be used cotton or tissue paper gently wipe the surface, remove water and dirt, it will be placed in a sealed bag or box, to avoid contact with the air.

4, if the silver has a sign of yellowing, the easiest way to use toothpaste plus water to wash the surface, or with a small brush jewelry to clean the silver jewelry slits, and then rubbed the surface with rub silver cloth, you can immediately restore The original beautiful. (If you use rub silver cloth to restore about eighty-nine into the silver state,  pandora bracelets and charms  do not use swab and wash silver milk, because they have a certain corrosive, silver jewelry in the use of these products, will become more Easy to turn yellow. In addition, rub silver cloth containing silver maintenance ingredients, can not be washed.)

5, silver hair was serious, with silver water immersion time should not be too long, usually a few seconds, immediately after removal with water to clean, and then dry with tissue paper.

6, if the use of wiping silver cloth to restore about 80% of the silver state, you do not need to use the silver milk and wash the silver water, because these products have a certain corrosive, silver used in these products, will become increasingly yellow The Silver cloth containing silver maintenance ingredients, can not be washed charm bracelets pandora.

7, if usually after wearing no silver processing and collection, it is very likely to make silver black. At this time should use a small brush jewelry clean jewelry slits, and then swab silver drops drop on the side of the paper, the silver surface of the black oxide wipe, and then wipe silver cloth to restore the original jewelry bright. Then we must remember to do the general maintenance of the day, to avoid silver again black, silver in the black after many times it is difficult to wipe white pandora bracelets with charms already on.

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Jade jewelry is the most unique Chinese high-end jewelry, the maintenance method is pandora charm bracelet  :

(1) regular cleaning. For the mosaic Cui decorated the best to the professional shop cleaning, and timely check the metal claws and hook.

(2) Please do not contact with other precious stones and hard objects, so as not to damage.

(3) often check the knot, to prevent falling off.

(4) if long idle, it is best to wash alone after storage.

(5) for strenuous exercise, it is best not to wear rnaments.