pandora Pearl jewelry maintenance

1. Anti-acid erosion: In or to make the pearl’s luster and color is not affected, should avoid contact with the acid, alkali and chemicals, such as perfume, soap, stereotypes and other water. Do not wear pearl jewelry to swim or take a bath bracelet for pandora charms.
2. away from the kitchen: pearl surface with tiny pores, it should not be allowed to inhale the air in the dirty matter. Pearl will absorb hair spray, perfume and other substances. Do not wear beautiful pearl cooking, steam and fumes may penetrate the pearl, make it yellow.
3. Not near water: Do not clean the pearl necklace with water. Water can enter the beads of small holes, not only difficult to dry, may also make the inside fermentation, beads may also turn green. After the pearl turns yellow, you can use dilute hydrochloric acid soak, dissolve the yellow shell, so that the pearl to reproduce the crystal brilliant color.

4. Need air: Do not long pearls in the safe, do not use plastic bags sealed. Pearls need fresh air, every few months will come out to wear, let them breathe. Such as long-term in the box pearls easily turn yellow.
5. To avoid exposure: As pearls contain a certain amount of water, should be placed in the shade of pearls, try to avoid direct sunlight in the sun, or placed in too dry place, so as not to pear dehydration pandora bracelet jewelry.
6. anti-hard material scraping: the pearl jewelry should be stored separately, so as not to scratch the other jewelry pearl cortex. If you intend to wear beads on top of the clothes, the texture of the clothes is best to soften some.
7. Regular inspection, 3 years for the line: silk thread for a long time easy to loose, can be 1 to 2 years a regular check the thread is loose, and replace the thread; pearls every 3 years to re-string the best.

Pearl jewelry with the skills

The use of jewelry in the office
Office wear jewelry should pay attention to taste, style choice. Consider the clothing color pandora jewelry sale
, style and other factors, choose simple and generous jewelry is always you will not regret the practice pandora sale . Harmony and norms of professional wear coupled with medium size, simple design of pearl jewelry to give her a noble and elegant and approachable impression.

Social party jewelry when the clever use
Social occasions are an excellent opportunity for you to reveal your taste and personality. You can take this opportunity to let the people around you understand the other side of your personality. Dinner with pearl jewelry can be selected to emphasize the use of elegant style, such as the larger and prominent pearl diamonds inlaid gorgeous jewelry.
To participate in wedding jewelry clever use
Bright pearl, is an indispensable wedding accessories accessories. Wedding dress and pearl jewelry with the skills, first of all to determine the accessories and dress the main vice points, if the bride wear style simple pearl jewelry, you can choose style wedding dress; if the bride choose jewelry style is more luxurious, Wedding dress style is elegant and appropriate pandora jewellery sale.
Fashion pretty dress
Nowadays popular fancy necklace, pearl and crystal, gravel, color line, transparent fishing line made with, for almost all nowadays Liang Zhuang, colorful pearl is also a good choice.
Pearls and cheongsam
The color of the cheongsam should be appropriate with the pearl color, bead necklace and solid cheongsam with color, complex color cheongsam should be accompanied by pearl earrings or rings, side was noble.

2017 Jewelery Designer Fashion Jewelry Art Exhibition


Abstract: 2017 independent jewelry designer fashion jewelry art exhibition is about to start the curtain,pandora beads on sale  the designer exhibition brings together more than 20 domestic outstanding jewelry designers and jewelry artists joint display, they through different materials, technology and differentiated design concept From all angles to broaden the possibilities of jewelry covered, to show the ingenuity and artistic charm of the design works. The exhibition, will become the promotion of jewelry culture, to promote the exchange of design experience!

In today’s highly competitive market environment, independent jewelry designers group to fear the challenges, vibrant, confident spirit of the face up, they insist on original, clever ideas, focus on design, respect for the process, leading a new fashion trend The In the industry to promote innovation-oriented, design first ideas, sale pandora rings driven jewelry industry more lasting and healthy development; at the same time nurturing local jewelry designers, will be outstanding independent designer studio, design brand directly to the market, the treasure of jewelry The Design Committee will continue to organize the “2016 Independent Jewelery Designer Fashion Jewelery Art Exhibition” at 2016 Shanghai International Jewelery & Gem Fair.
This exhibition brings together more than 20 outstanding domestic jewelry designers and jewelry artists on display, they through different materials, technology and differentiated design concept from all angles to broaden the possibilities of jewelry covered, show other Design works with ingenuity and artistic charm. The exhibition, will become the promotion of jewelry culture, to promote the exchange of design experience!

At the same time to strengthen the domestic jewelry designer exchange, the organizers will continue to organize “2017 Chinese and foreign jewelry design teacher forum” activities pandora in store sale  . The theme of this event is: ingenuity – professional jewelry designer of the road, will be invited to the famous Chinese jewelry designer Mr. Shen Chengyang and South Korea’s famous jewelry designer Ms. Li Huayong, and everyone to share their growth experience and jewelry design in the wonderful Creative.

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The effect and function of pearls

First, the modern function
Pearl chemical composition contained in the body of biochemical reactions in the process of important bioactive substances, pandora jewelry sale      can promote the body’s metabolism, regulate physiological function, so as to play pearl treatment and health care functions. Modern pharmacological studies have shown that pearls have anti-aging, anti-stress, anti-oxidation, eye protection, anti-ulcer, anti-tumor, anti-radiation, impotence, antibacterial and hemostatic effects, but also enhance the body’s immune function and promote wound healing The Clinical widely used in the treatment of eye diseases, ulcer disease, osteoporosis, burns, burns, soft tissue defects, uterine bleeding, cervical erosion and so on. With the improvement of living standards, pearls are increasingly used in health care and beauty products. Pearl contains shell protein, amino acids, a variety of trace elements can enhance skin metabolism, promote epidermal cell regeneration, fineness enough pearl powder massage the skin has a good role in the catheter. Reasonable use of pearl powder can protect the skin soft white, moist and smooth, to prevent the unique effect of skin aging pandora sale rings.

Second, the principle of beauty
Pearls are made of seaweed or mussels with their own secretion of organic matter will accidentally enter the small sand wrapped from. Among them, containing calcium carbonate, leucine, glycine methionine, alanine, glutamic acid, aspartic acid and some trace elements lead, copper, magnesium, zinc, manganese, sodium, selenium and so on. According to reports, amino acids are essential for human health growth, pearl contains trace elements: selenium has anti-aging effect; zinc is a variety of enzyme composition pandora necklace sale, participate in the body of the free mechanism and metabolism, a direct impact on human physiological activities. According to modern medical analysis, pearl absorbed by the body after the body can promote the vitality of the body to regulate the blood pH, so that the vitality of cells increased, thereby delaying cell aging, skin wrinkles reduced, play longevity and beauty purposes pandora jewelry for sale.

Pearl necklace, pearl bracelet, pearl ring suitable for wedding jewelry

Freshwater Pearls
Freshwater pearls are pearls that are cultured in the lake or in the river, and are genuine pearl species. Fresh water bead surface often Le waist, wrinkles, shape the most common for the oval, irregular shape. Fresh water droplets delimited boundary is not obvious, the majority of non-nuclear beads. But also good quality round or nearly round, the surface was natural jade or color.
Seawater pearls
China Sea Pearl is produced in the northern Gulf and the southeast coast, its shape is generally round. High-quality sea water beads was translucent sense, in the short-wave ultraviolet light under the light blue, white, yellow and other fluorescent, the color to white, light yellow majority, the diameter of 3 to 5 mm accounted for more than 8 mm in diameter For rare treasures.
South Pearl
Produced in the South Pacific sea pearls are known as the South Pearl, South Ocean beads are white, silver, golden and black. The most common size is between 9mm and 14mm. South Pearl has a “pearl after” the reputation of its color gorgeous magnificent, large particles flawless, rounded full.
Tahitian black pearl
Color is Tahitian pearls the most beautiful and unique place, the basic color of the black and gray revealed thick purple, pink, sea blue and other rainbow color, the majority of black pearl particles concentrated in the 9 mm to 10 mm, so the general 11 Mm as the black pearl treasures of the boundaries, and 15 mm above the fine round black pearl more rare.

《necklace》3 necklace , the most attractive jewelry

Luwa planted, as if the old five years, he decided to say:
“You should find a way to compensate for this jewelry.”charm bracelets pandora
The next day, they took the Sheng necklace box, according to the box on the signboard to find that jewelry store. The boss looked at many books and said:
“My wife, this hanging necklace is not what we sell; I only sell this box.”
So they from this jewelry store to the jewelry store, with the memory to find the same necklace hanging. Two people are sad, almost fell ill.
In a shop in the palace, they saw a hungry diamond necklace, is the same as they find that hanging, the price of forty thousand francs. The boss let the price, as long as thirty-six thousand. pandora jewelry
They pleaded with the boss, do not sell it within three days. They have set a contract, if the original that hanging before the end of February to find, then the boss can take thirty thousand four thousand to recover the hanging.
Luwa planted his father left him with eighteen thousand francs. The rest, he has to borrow pandora charms and bracelets
He started to borrow money. To borrow five hundred francs from there, borrow five Louis from there, and from there by three. He signed a lot of bonds and booked a contract that made him bankrupt. He deals with many usurers and money lenders of various nationalities. He refused to take the second half of life, adventure everywhere signed, but do not know can not keep the credit. The distress of the future, the brutal poverty, the pain of the flesh, the torture of the spirit, and under all the threats, he put thirty thirty thousand francs on the counter of the store and took the new necklace.
When the ladies of Luwa were brought back, the Lady of the Buddha came to her with an expression of dissatisfaction:
“You should have me early, maybe I’ll use it for a long time.”
The Lady did not open the box. Her friend is worried that she opens the box. What would she think if he found something to be a substitute? What would it say? She will not own a friend as a thief?
Luwa planted the poor to understand the hard life of the poor. She suddenly showed a heroic spirit, resolutely made up his mind. He is going to pay back this terrible debt. She managed to repay. She dismissed the maid, relocated the residence, rented a small attic to stay pandora charms for bracelets.
She knows all the hard work at home and the nasty chores in the kitchen. She scrubbed the cups and dishes and grinds her pink fingers on the oat pots and on the bottom of the pot. She washed her clothes with soap, washed her cloth, and was on the rope. Every morning, she put the rubbish from the upstairs to the street, then the water from the downstairs mentioned upstairs, took a floor, stood to breathe. She dressed like a poor woman, arms across the basket, to the fruit shop, grocery store, meat shop, price, ridicule, a copper and a copper to save her hard money.
Month have to have a number of old debt, by some new debt, so to delay the settlement of the time.
Her husband to the evening to give a businessman transcribe the accounts, often late at night is still copying five bronze one manuscript.
This life continues for ten years.
At the end of the tenth year, the debt was paid off, and even the high amount of interest and the amount of money on the Galilee were paid off.
Mrs. Luwa is now old. She became a stout and hardworking woman. She rolled up her hair, skewed the skirt, revealing a pair of red hands, talking loudly, scrub the floor with a vat of water. But sometimes, her husband went to work, she was sitting alone in the window, will think of that year to dance, that night, how beautiful she was, how people dumped ah charms for a pandora bracelet!
If that time did not lose that hanging necklace, she is now what kind of situation? Who knows? Who knows? How strange life, how fickle ah, a very small thing you can corrupt you, you can fulfill you!
There was a Sunday, she went to the blissway park, walking a week of fatigue. At this time, she suddenly saw a woman led a child in a walk. Turned out to be Lady Buddha’s Day, she is still young, still beautiful and moving.
Luwa planted lady infinite emotion. Will she go up and talk to the Lady of the Buddha? Of course, must go. And now she is paying off the debt, she can tell her. Why not?
She went up.
“Hello, Jenny.”
That one did not know her at all. A civilians called her so intimate, she was very surprised. She knocked and said:
“But … my wife … I do not know … you must be wrong.”
“It’s not wrong.” I’m Martier Ruth.
Her friend called out:
“Ah! … my poor Mathilde, how did you become that! …”
“Yes, for years do not meet friends, these years I have endured a lot of pain … … and because you … …”
“Because i? … how is this?”
“You must remember the hanging necklace you lent me, and I wore it to the party of the Ministry of Education pandora bracelet & charms.
“What about it?”
“How about? I lost it.”
“You have given me back.”
“I’ll give you another hang and hang it exactly the same.” You see, we spent ten years trying to pay for it. You know, for us

《necklace》2 charm rose necklace

The day of the party was, and the lady of the road was succeeded. She is more than all the female guests are beautiful, elegant, charming, her smile, elated. All the men are watching her, inquire about her name, ask for the introduction; Department of the Department of the staff want to give her dance, the minister also pay attention to her sale on pandora rings.
Her dancing excitement, indulging in joy, nothing to think about it. She revels in his own beauty is better than all the female guests, revel in the glory of success, intoxicated in the praise and envy of her people formed by the happiness of the clouds, intoxicated in the women who believe that the most beautiful, the most sweet victory The
She was leaving at four o’clock in the morning. Her husband from the middle of the night with the three men in a small guest room fell asleep. At that time, the three men’s wife is also happy to dance.
Her husband brought the piece from home to prepare for him to wear time to wear clothes, draped over the shoulder. This is a simple homemade clothes, the clothes of the cold taste of the dress with the luxury of the style is not commensurate. She felt this, in order to avoid those who wear precious leather clothes to see, to quickly escape pandora bracelet charms.
Luwa planted her to pull, said:
“Wait a minute, you go to the outside to be cold.” I’ll call a carriage.
But she did not listen, hurried down the steps. To the street, a car did not see, they find everywhere, far to see the coachman shouted.
They were in the disappointment along the Seine, trembling, and finally found a broken car on the river bank. This car, Paris only visible at night; during the day, they seem ashamed, do not come out.
The handlebars they have been pulled to the door of the Martin Street apartment, they melancholy into the door. In her, a big thing is over. Her husband, he was thinking about ten o’clock.
She took off her clothes on her shoulders, standing in front of the mirror, in order to take advantage of this glorious dress still on the body, look at yourself. But she suddenly shouted. Neck diamond necklace no.
Her husband has been off half of the clothes, and asked:
“whats the matter?”pandora charm bracelet 
She frightened, turned and wanted him to say:
“I … I … I lost the lady ‘s necklace.
He panicked straight up and said,
“What! … how! … where there will be such a thing!”
They are in the dress skirt, coat pleats looking for, looking in all the pockets, actually did not find.
He asked: Do you really believe that when you leave the ball it is still there? ”
“Yes, I have touched it in the corridor of the Ministry of Education.”
“But if it is lost in the street, we always hear the sound, and it must have been lost in the car.”
“Yes, it ‘s possible. Do you remember the car’ s number?
“Do not you remember, do you pay attention?”
They looked at each other in horror. At the end, Luwa planted again.
“I go,” he said, “walk the way we walk again and see if she will find it.”
He went out. She was wearing the piece of clothes to participate in the dance, even the strength to go to bed without sleep, but fell in a chair in a daze, a little spirit can not mention, do not want anything pandora bracelets and charms。
Seven o’clock, her husband came back. Nothing to find.
Later, he went to the police station, to the newspaper to the reward offer, but also to all the car dealers to find. In short, where there is a glimmer of hope, he has been to.
He faced the unfortunate scourge, waiting for all day, all day in the panic of the state.
In the evening, the lava grows with a thin, pale face back, nothing.
“You should write to your friend,” he said, “that you have broken the necklace and are being repaired, so that we have time to turn around.”
She wrote a letter as he said.
After a week and weeks, all their hopes were cut off bracelet charms pandora.


Please see “necklace” 3

《necklace》1 charm long necklace

She is also a beautiful girl, as if the fate of the error, was born in a small staff of the home. She did not dowry the assets, there is no way for a rich decent person to know her, understand her, love her, marry her; finally had to marry a small secretary of the Ministry of Education pandora sale .
She can not be dressed, had to wear simple, but she felt very bad, as if it reduced her identity like. Because in women, beautiful, charm, charming, is their origin; born smart, beautiful qualifications, gentle temperament, that is their only qualifications.
She felt that she was born for the elegant and luxurious life, so she constantly felt pain. The cold of the house, the walls of the dim, the furniture of the old, the cloth of the crude, so that her distress. These things, in the same status as her woman, may not hang in the heart, but she was so painful, so sad. She looked at the little maid who had made trivialities for her family, and she had a sad feeling and frantic dream. She dreamed of those elegant halls, decorated with oriental curtains, high-caliber bronze lights, and two servants in shorts, lying on large chairs, and dumbled by the heat of the heaters. She dreamed of those spacious living rooms, pandora jewelry sale  where Zhang hanging ancient-style wall, furnished with delicate wood, rare antique. She dreamed of the gorgeous aroma of the small passenger room, where, at five o’clock in the afternoon, she chatted with the closest boyfriend, or with the most women who most admired the most willing to meet the man chat.
Whenever she sat down for dinner on a round table with a three-day tablecloth, her husband opened the lid of the pot, with the magic of surprise. “Good!” There is no better than this! … … “At this time, she dreamed of those fine dinner, sparkling silverware; dream of those hanging on the wall of the wall, embroidered with costume characters, fairyland-like garden , The strange birds; dream of the dishes in the precious dish; dream of eating while eating pink bass or chicken wings, while with a charming smile to listen to the guests secretly talk pandora rings sale .
She did not have beautiful clothes, no jewelry, nothing. However, she only love these, she felt that she was born in the world is for these. She always wanted to get people favor, was envious, with the temptation to be pursued.
She has a rich girlfriend, church girls school students, but she did not want to see her, because the visit back, you will feel very painful. Because of sadness, remorse, disappointment, pain, she often cried all day long days.
However, one evening, her husband came home proudly, holding a big envelope in his hand.
“Look,” he said, “there ‘s something for you here.
She opened the envelope happily and took out an invitations printed with the words:
“Minister George Lambo and his wife, Mr. Lauvoyon ‘s and his wife, attended the auditorium at the Ministry of Education on January 18 (Monday).
She was not as happy as her husband expected, and she chucked the invitation on the table and muttered:
“What do you call me to do with this thing?”
“But, dear, I thought you would love it.You never go out, this is a chance, this, a good opportunity! I took much effort to get the hand. We all want to get, but it is difficult to get, always Rarely sent to the staff, where you can see all the officials pandora beads sale   .
He looked at him with an angry eyes, impatiently said:
“What are you going to let me wear?”
He did not expect this, stammered and said:
“You play on the garden to wear that piece of clothes, I think it is very good, according to me … …” He lived a mouth, panic-stricken, because he saw his wife crying, and two big tears slowly flowing down the mouth to the mouth The. He said to eat:
“How are you? How are you?”
She took a lot of power, only to suppress the grief, dry the wet cheeks, with a calm voice answer:
“There ‘s nothing, but there’ s no decent clothes, I can not attend this party, and your colleagues, who ‘s wives’ dress, are better than me.
He was uncomfortable, then said:
“Okay, Mathilde. Do a suitable dress, you can wear on other occasions, very simple, how much money?”
She thought for a few seconds, summed up a number, taking into account the number can be raised, will not lead to this frugal secretary of the immediate rejection and horror of the call.
Finally, she replied:
“I do not know, but I think there are four hundred francs can be done.”
His face is a little white. He just kept such a sum of money, ready to buy a shotgun, and good in the summer Sunday, with a few friends to the South Dyer plain to play the skylark pandora necklace sale.
But he said:
“Well, I’ll give you four hundred francs, but you’ll have a look at this dress.”
The days of the party are close, but the lady of the road weaver is depressed, restless and sorrowful. Her clothes are doing well. Her husband said one night to her:
“How are you? Look, these three days you are very strange.”
She replied:
“I am worried about a pearl, a gem is not, nothing to wear.I always with poor acid gas, would like to take part in this party.
He said:
In this season, it was very new, and when you spent ten francs, you could buy two or three chic roses.
She still does not follow.
“Do not … … in the middle of the wide wife exposed dew acid phase, and then embarrassed no.
Her husband said loudly:
“How silly you are! Go to your friend, Mrs. Buddha ‘s Day, and give her a few jewels, and you have a lot of money with you.
She made a pleasant surprise.
“I really did not think about it.”
The next day, she went to her friend’s house, talking about her own boredom.
Buddha ‘s wife approached her wardrobe with a mirror, took out a big box, took over and opened, and said to the lady:
“Come on, my dear.“pandora sale rings
She saw a few pairs of bracelets, and saw a hanging pearl necklace, and then saw a Venetian-style jewelry with gold cross, the work is very light. She tried these jewelry in front of the mirror, hesitant, do not know which to pick up, put down which pieces. She kept asking:
“Is there anything else?”
“Do not you know what you mean.”
Suddenly she found a beautiful diamond necklace in a green satin box, and she jumped up with joy. She shook her hands with the chain. She put the necklace around her neck hanging in her long high collar, standing in front of the mirror in front of their own shadow for a long time.
Subsequently, she hesitated and anxiously asked:
“Can you lend me this? I only take this one.”
“of course can.”
She jumped up and hugged her friend’s neck, frantically kissed her, and ran with that piece of jewelry.


Please see “necklace” 2

new year’s pandora charm on sale

In fact,charms compatible with pandora bracelet  some of the so-called Hetian jasper are Russian jasper, because the Russian jasper production, and the color of tender by the collector’s favorite. But the Russian jasper limestone content is high, long wear will become dark and dark. But the main component of Hetian jiushu is tremolite, long-term wear will become increasingly moist, green, but in the market of Hetian jiu almost extinct, to achieve the gem-level jasper is rare, high prices amazing. And even in the Russian jasper even as identification, identification results are Hetian Jiyu, it is difficult to distinguish ordinary consumption  pandora bracelet with 4 charms 

, So there is no full grasp I suggest you better or do not buy, but if it is determined and Hetian Jiyu, and the color Jiaojia moving, black spots is absolutely less collection of Jiapin.

Quality jade necklace products its price is very alarming, an average diameter of 15.6 mm 27 jade beads chain, in November 6, 1997 at the Hong Kong Christie’s autumn auction held to 72.22 million Hong Kong dollars Turnover, the creation of jade jewelry and jade beads auction world record.

It is said that this necklace is the love of the Empress Dowager Cixi jewelry pandora

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Crystal necklace as an ornament to crystal transparent,gold pandora bracelet  fantastic, shiny material and effect to conquer the hearts of countless women.

Crystal Necklace Category:

It is generally divided into amethyst necklace, yellow crystal necklace, white crystal necklace, topa necklace, olivine necklace, green crystal necklace, smoke crystal necklace, pink crystal necklace, black crystal necklace, natural crystal necklace.

Crystal Necklace Price gold pandora bracelet :

From tens of dollars to several hundred dollars or even more expensive, depending on the material permeability of the net Che degree, cutting technology may be, natural crystal collection value is higher.

Natural crystal necklace maintenance method

After wearing the crystal necklace with a clean soft cloth to wipe the jewelry, to maintain its unique luster! If printed on the fingerprint or dirty crystal, you can use soft and soft hair without fabric for the crystal dust, dust to the intensity , Is free of dust on the surface scratching the crystal.

Do not clean the crystal necklace with water to avoid an indelible watermark. Avoid long-term exposure to the crystal necklace in moist air or strong sunlight to prevent the crystal becomes dumb and fade pandora silver necklace for charms.

Please avoid crystal necklace contact with chemical composition of the cleaning agent and other items, in the bath, wash your face, wash your hands, wash dishes, swimming, etc. do not wear crystal jewelry.

Remember to wear perfume and hairdressing products and then wear crystal necklace, water vapor and chemicals will be attached to the crystal surface, so that crystal becomes dull pandora bracelets with charms already on.

Crystal brittle, crystal necklace please do not take the weight, away from high temperature. When you do not wear crystal jewelry for a long time, keep it in a separate box or soft cloth bag, do not put the jewelry overlap to avoid collision with each other rubbing the crystal surface.