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Pandora’s charm

With the legendary mythology of color, Pandora jewelry in the United States quietly popular. Today, and like pandora beads have been frequent in many people’s hands and neck. Hollywood big Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jennifer Aniston, fashion Designer Donna Karan, Diane von Furstenberg and so have their own special Pandora jewelry.

Pandora bracelet is the most unique place is that each one is different.Presses can even according to their own preferences to combine a variety of beaded, precious stones and pendants. You can also string all kinds of colors to match Pandora bracelet is usually three groups of the same combination of the composition of the beaded together into the bracelet in the bracelet has a certain space to slide, pandora jewelry for sale but also with the movement of the wrist and slightly rolling, so beautiful women in the gestures to attract countless eyes. Pandora unique, but also the most attractive place for customers.

Pandora jewelry products on the classification of design, people always have a fabulous symbol, we need to carefully understand the myth of the secret, Denmark is the world’s fairy tale country, so Pandora design and development of jewelry more people get the favor The Pandora jewelry is the first to develop a bracelet, including Pandora rings, Pandora pendants, Pandora earrings and so on …. Pandora’s bracelet accessories mainly composed of many small accessories, Thai silver accessories, gold-plated color (rose gold + platinum Pandora inlaid gem fittings, pandora earrings on sale shapes are made of animals, zodiac signs, twelve constellations, pendants, pearls, pants, pendants, pendants, All kinds of flowers, children shape, love type, English letters, and so diverse.

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Pandora jewelry is in 1982, a couple of Denmark created the trend of jewelry, the origin is due to the couple who often from Thailand to import jewelry for sale, after a long period of wholesale business activities, the couple decided in 1987 in Thailand Establish their own manufacturing jewelry factory, while stopping the retail business. In this way to ensure that in accordance with their own wishes to design, by Lone Frandsen as a design, the company began to focus on creating a unique jewelry brand business. In 1996 Lisbeth Larsen, goldsmith joined the company, he Pandora jewelry style of the formation played a decisive role pandora earrings sale .
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When Pandora launched the magic bracelet in the Danish market in 1999, consumers quickly accepted the Pandora concept, Pandora also with the growth of foreign market demand and gradually developed. Today, Pandora jewelry in the world 18 countries have sales, because of the huge demand, a large number of sales Pandora jewelry to become a world-class brand.

Today, Pandora has developed a group of companies from 25 years ago, with headquarters in Denmark, and more than 5,000 employees in Pandora, of which 3,600 are located in Gemopolis (local name) in Thailand.

PANDORA’s unique jewelry and watch design leads the brand on the road leading to the world, just a few years from the Danish local jewelry manufacturers jumped as a world-renowned jewelry brand, and more than 65 countries in the world set up special stores The More importantly, the charm of the PANDORA strap bracelet can play unlimited creative match, so that every mindful of women intoxicated in the long-lasting fashion, to express my personality pandora rings for sale . PANDORA Moments, Stories, Compose, Ring upon Ring, Liquid Silver and LovePods series all the way to show the creative heritage of the brand, PANDORA jewelry world also added the Swiss system of the Black Crown Diamond senior watch series. In addition to hand-made, each multi-functional jewelry design are distributed with unexpected elegance and innovation. 2010 autumn and winter series to retain the brand’s core details and personality, excellent quality behind the jewelry are accompanied by commemorative moments and moving stories, so PANDORA development for today’s romantic legend on behalf of. The role of jewelry: the origin of jewelry, initially should be shelter, with the living standards and the continuous development of human creativity,pandora beads for sale  began to transform part of the transformation, derived from the decoration to live a variety of decoration.

Pandora, the Danish jewelery made in Thailand

To enter the Gemopolis compound – a gigantic free zone,pandora jewelry sale     big as a city – where are concentrated close to 130 jewelry companies just a short distance from Bangkok airport – it is necessary to show white paw. Where thousands of workers work gold, silver, stones and precious metals, everything is secured to the extreme, which is reminiscent of the vault of

Moreover, the 7,982 workers of the Danish brand Pandora jewelry – installed since 1989 in Thailand – work systematically under the eye of cameras. Each time they leave their workshop, two security guards – from two different companies – pass them from head to toe to the metal detector. To prevent a few grams of precious metal from falling into a pocket by mistake? No, “to prove their absolute innocence,” explains the leadership in a politically correct aphorism pandora rings sale .

Founded by the Dane Per Enevoldsen and his wife Winnie in 1982, Pandora ignores the crisis and continues to sell to the world its small silver bracelets to which customers add new pendants, according to birthdays, parties, births, trips …
On Tuesday, November 11, the group listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange since 2010 has released new quarterly results in very strong growth. Revenues jumped 29% in the first nine months of the year compared to the same period in 2013. In the third quarter, sales increased by 26.2% to € 382.3 million . Net income rose by 41% over nine months and by 18.46% to 97.4 million euros in the last quarter.
CEO Allan Leighton, who will move his chair in March 2015 to Anders Colding Friis, has revised upwards its forecast for 2014 by betting on a turnover of 1.55 billion euros (against 1.2 billion in 2013 ) And gross operating income (eBITDA) equivalent to 35% of sales. This meteoric growth is possible only by producing entirely in Thailand with a highly skilled labor at low prices pandora beads sale.
The plant is soon too small – volumes have increased by more than 15% over the past year – and the group will start construction of another production site in 2015, 700 kilometers north of Bangkok. Pandora has earned a strong reputation in the United States, Great Britain and Australia and Germany, its four major markets.

To continue its expansion, the group does not change its strategy iota. The idea of ​​the founder was to propose to the women to create their own bracelet, to find their own style by choosing, among more than 700 different charms – pearls in silver, gold, Murano glass, or even an Eiffel Tower , A small heart (the most sold in the world), a floppy of small animals, letters of the alphabet … Everything is done so that customers collect pendants as the children of a playground accumulate Panini cards charms for pandora bracelet.
That’s why Pandora now releases seven new collections per year, including the best-selling ones at Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day; And also targets a very young clientele since the group signs its first jewelry in partnership with Disney.
Pendants and bracelets account for more than three-quarters of sales. The rest is ensured by the rings – in full expansion – and the necklaces. These jewels that do not really compete – except for more modest brands, such as Thomas Sabo in Germany or Links of London in Britain – sell like hotcakes in 80 countries and 9,841 outlets . The small silver bracelet costs about 50 euros and the price of the pendants varies – from 29 euros to more than 250 euros for those in gold.
All of the production is handcrafted in five of the eight buildings that make up the enormous factory near Bangkok. As demand grows, over the last twelve months, Thomas Nyborg, Pandora Thailand’s general manager and vice president of the plant, has recruited 3,000 new workers. Average age, 26 years. At the moment a hundred offers of jobs is to be filled pandora rings jewelry sale .
In this 24-hour factory, 79 million pieces of jewelery were produced in 2013
All employees are in uniform. The vast majority – the one devoted to the production of jewelry – wears a burgundy red cotton shirt. Pregnant women are light blue. Safety personnel in green, employees who work in human resources in white. At the reception, the young women are dressed in black. There are twenty-one different uniforms, “a little like the army,” concedes Mr. Nyborg. The production team managers are recognizable by their gray sleeves.

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Founded in 1982 and headquartered in the fairy tale country – the capital of Copenhagen, Denmark, Pandora employees more than 5,000,pandora sale   of which 3,600 are located in Thailand Gemopolis (local name), where the company produces jewelery. Pandora jewelry is listed on the Danish Nasdaq OMX Copenhagen Stock Exchange. In 2010, Pandora’s total revenue was $ 6.7 billion in DKK (about 895 million euros) pandora jewelry sale .

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PANDORA jewelry, pandora sale   manufactures and markets hand-finished and modern jewellery made from genuine materials. The PANDORA jewellery is sold in more than 65 countries on six continents through over 10,000 points of sale, including more than 550 PANDORA branded concept stores.

Founded in 1982 and headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, PANDORA employed over 5,000 people worldwide of whom 3,600 are located in Gemopolis, Thailand, where the company manufactures its jewellery. PANDORA is published listed on the NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen stock exchange in Denmark. In 2010, PANDORA’s total revenue was DKK 6.7 billion (approximately EUR 895 million).
Myth in Pandora

Pandora jewelry from the Greek mythology. Prometheus stole the gods of heaven to the mortal.pandora earrings sale   Zeus in order to retaliate Prometheus, ordered Vulcan Hephaistus to create a woman Pandora, and let the gods generously Pandora can easily be tempted to the mortal. The goddess of wisdom Athenian then gave Pandora’s gorgeous costumes, fashion uprising, love Eloh have to give Pandora beauty. Charm of the goddess of Heffestus created a necklace to the Pandora.

Zeus gave Pandora a box, but did not allow her to open, and then sent her to the earth .In the creation of Pandora, she was given the curiosity, so failed to withstand the temptation to open the box when she looked into the box , All the later so that the pain of human disease, demons, etc. from the box to escape the box only hope and opportunities.Therefore, Pandora jewelry also represents the luck and hope pandora jewellery sale.